Every daughter, born in this village, becomes a son some time later

Every daughter, born in this village, becomes a son some time later

We are going to tell you something new which you probably will not be able to do. In fact, a village in the Caribbean country is such, where people are suffering from a strange mysterious disease and it is such a disease, due to which every 12 year old girl herself  You are thinking that we are kidding or it is a lie but let us know that this news is absolutely true.  In a Caribbean village cut off from the world, such mysterious event, where children are born, are in the body of a girl, but as soon as Puberty reaches the peak, their whole body turns into a boy.

The Dominican Republic of this Caribbean country is a small village where people make their own girls at the age of 12 only. Yes, this is such a strange disease.  Do not be surprised it is absolutely true.  These are awkwardly troubled by poor disease.  The people of LaSelinas village are upset with this incurable disease.

The children born here are more likely to hold these children with a mysterious disease.  The girl child born as a girl born of this strange poor disease gradually becomes a boy herself.  It has been learned that people are very upset with this incurable disease of being girls in 12 years of age in the Celinas village of the Caribbean country.  The children suffering from this disease see very little notice from the people of many societies.  They are considered disgusting in society.  These children are called in the name of 'Giddo', which is commonly used for the kinars.

If doctors believe that this disease is a genetic disorder, and in the local language, children prone to it are called 'Sudoharmafradite'.  Some of the children born in this disease are gradually becoming part of men and their voice starts becoming heavy.  Those changes in their body begin to come, which they gradually make the girl from the boy.

 This is a rare disease which is making a victim of one of every 90 children in the village.  It is believed that these children are deficient in hormonal enzyme, due to which they are first born without any female or male organ.  After this the child born as a girl starts slowly becoming a male.  Children suffering from this disease are always cut off from society and people see them with hatred.

This disease is very painful for now.  People who come here are surprised at this, but those who are enduring this pain can only understand it.  The children who are victims here, at the age of 12, the penis and scrotum develops, which are being said to be the reason for their becoming a boy.  However, experts say in this case that it is a cobiological disorder that is called a sudoharmropradite.
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