Going to UK tripis incomplete without a these 5 places

England is one of the smallest countries in the world, but U.K.  Has long been one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations.  Well England is now separated from Europe.  The best places to travel include beautifully preserved country property and palaces to many world-class art galleries and museums.  So let's know in detail in the U.K.  Which cities are worth visiting ...

 London UK All-In-One Destination

 U.K. without going to London  The tour is incomplete.  Here you can see the palace of the Royal King of Britain.
 If you wish, you can also enjoy the colorful program of the Guard of Changing.  Even the State Room of the Palace can be visited.  With this, you can also visit the former palace located next to the magnificent Tower Bridge on the banks of the River Thames.  Here you will find old-time weapons in a 1,000-year-old prison.  By visiting the Queen's Palace, you can see their life system with their eyes.  You must have heard about London Bridge.  The specialty of this bridge is that once it is opened and closed once a day.  Try on the right timing and see the wonderful sight with your eyes.

Scotland's Capital 'Edinburgh'

 One of the most attractive cities of Scotland, the capital of Edinburgh is also one of Britain's most visited sites.  Popular for historic buildings, Edinburgh is probably best known as the home of the majestic 'Edinburgh Castle'. On the Half Moon Battery of the 13th Century Royal Fort, the O'All Salute show is organized every day.  From the palace, it is easy to find other important historical sites in the city, especially the Royal Mile of Old Town is famous for its finest architecture, boutique shops, cafes, restaurants and long distances, as well as the splendid Old Palace of Holiredhaus.  .

 Wonderful windsor
 Windsor city offers many fun things to tourists.  To get the passengers here, a small train runs from London.  It is also home to the most famous Windsor Castle of Britain's Royal Palace.  In this grand old palace, William the Conquer has served as the summer residence of the British monarchy.  Highlights include the magnificent State Apartments with Queen Gallery and Dining Hall.  When you take a look at these historic buildings, take time to see the palace's large and beautiful plains, which are about 10 kilometers long.  Here you will enjoy some wonderful panoramic views of Windsor and its castle.

 Cambridge Oxford University

 Britain has long been a center of learning, its two most famous university towns are viewable as tourist destinations.  In this University, children come to study far and wide.  38 colleges of Oxford University are equally attractive, each with a quadrilateral and many interior courtyards as well as dining halls, libraries and student housing are also worth seeing.

 Liverpool and Manchester

 There are several historic buildings in Liverpool and Manchester travel.  There are great museums such as beautiful gardens and parks, as well as world-class art galleries like the Mercisside Maritime Museum, Liverpool Museum, Walker Art Gallery and Tate Gallery.  You will also find colorful swimming pools her
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